\\ Probiotic Foods

There is a multi-billion dollar worldwide market for probiotics and it continues to be one of the fastest growing functional food and beverage categories. According to, Americans spent more than $27 billion on functional foods and beverages in 2007.

Traditionally, refrigerated dairy products had been the preferred delivery mechanism for probiotic cultures, but consumers now want more than yogurt. The challenge has been in choosing a strain of probiotic cultures that can flourish outside the traditional dairy market. In the past, most probiotic foods required refrigeration to achieve acceptable shelf lives, thus excluding a huge segment of the food and beverage market. Especially as it relates to shelf-stable dry foods, probiotic options are limited.

Probiotic Cultures

Ganeden’s patented, probiotic cultures, specifically its primary probiotic strain, GanedenBC30®, can easily be added to many food and beverage formulations. GanedenBC30 has unique characteristics that make it an ideal choice for probiotic food and beverage applications. GanedenBC30 has shown to be much heartier than other probiotic strains as its spore-forming nature makes it the only probiotic that survives rigorous mixing, baking and manufacturing processes such as high pressure, high heat and freezing conditions.

GanedenBC30 is self-affirmed GRAS and Kosher-certified and is a high-survivability probiotic that is extremely viable, stable and effective. It can be formulated into a variety of probiotic foods and beverages such as:

    • • Baked goods
    • • Nutrition bars
    • • Soup mixes
    • • Hot and cold beverages
    • • Drink mixes


  • • Prepared foods
  • • Dairy (milk, yogurt)
  • • Confectionary products