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GanedenBC30™ is an ideal probiotic ingredient for use in the manufacturing of probiotic supplements. The proven safety and efficacy of GanedenBC30 makes a compelling argument for its inclusion in supplements, including probiotic supplements, but there are additional distinct advantages over other probiotic strains. Namely, the viability of the strains allow for its use in manufacturing applications that are impossible with strains of lactobacillus, acidophilus or bifidobacteria. Some of these applications include:

    • • Tableting
    • • Chews
    • • Drink mixes
    • • Effervescent tablets


  • • Liquid suspensions

Plus the use of GanedenBC30 ensures stability and extended shelf lives. The need for expensive, multilayer packaging, refrigeration and massive overages in formulation are eliminated with GanedenBC30.

    • GanedenBC


    •  can be formulated into:


    • • Vitamin and mineral supplements
    • • Specialty dietary supplements


    • • Sports and performance products such as protein powders and bars


  • • Medical foods
  • • Meal replacement products


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About Probiotic Supplements

The probiotics market is growing at nearly a14% rate, with rising interest continuing for probiotic supplements. (Frost & Sullivan global growth consulting company)

From the day we were born our digestive tracts have been introduced to a steady stream of bacteria – some good bacteria, some harmful. A healthy digestive system is paramount to overall health and the key is maintaining a healthy balance of positive bacteria. Many factors, such as a poor diet or change in diet, age, medication, travel, antibiotic use and stress can disrupt our intestinal balance and decrease the level of good bacteria. Probiotic supplements have been shown, to, for example, help regulate the digestive system, strengthen the immune system and help reduce inflammation.